About Level Five

Level Five Jobs is a support service from Level Five Supplies, the autonomous vehicle hardware sales and integration company.

As a company, we have three aims:

  1. Provide a services and expertise for professionals in ADAS, autonomous and driverless technology
  2. Run a responsive, lean and responsible business which treats colleagues customers fairly and respectfully
  3. Invest in supporting the next generation of recruits to this incredible industry

Blogs, Articles and Video

Part of our commitment to expanding the recruitment pool is to educate those in aligned sectors, encourage them into the autonomous vehicle eco-system, as well as provide an alternative voice to those already working in the sector to widen their world view beyond just bits and bytes.

To do that we write and publish our own thought-leadership, as well as written and video features interviews with professionals around the industry, all over the world, as well as where the audiences go, including publishing on Medium.com’s Self Driving Car, contributing community answers on Quora.com and on other blogs.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Level Five was created to fill two significant gaps in the market, one of which is value driven (i.e. to pay the bills), the other, values driven.

We make money by selling commercial services, which pays the bills and allows us to do the other cool stuff we really enjoy doing.

There’s lots of money sloshing around in the self driving technology eco-system, whether through government subsidies, VCs or corporate R&D investment – but only a tiny percentage of this is being invested in education, engagement and widening the public’s access to autonomous vehicle technology to encourage acceptance, solve the struggles of recruitment into the industry, and provide alternative technologies through activities such as open source.

Fair enough, recruitment is a big expenditure for many companies, but how do small companies attract talent, where can students find internships, and how can industry attract people from aligned sectors, such as robotics, AI, gaming and photonics?  We see this as a large part of our mission, so we will work directly on influencing projects, sponsor valuable engagement activities and support ideas that help resolve these challenges.

We’ll also maintain a fair entry-point for organisations looking to do the same, and provide information and coverage of events, as well as offering listings of internships and work placements for free.

We are also committed to supporting, whether in staff time or cash expenditure such as event sponsorship, projects which benefit and help to grow the wider industry community.

Our Home

We are based in the historic rural market town of Frome, regularly ranked as one of the best places in the UK to live.

Our small, yet perfectly formed, team resides at The Old Church School, an award-winning co-working space close to the station and town centre.

We love to treat guests to a drink in the charming cafe on site, but please contact us well before your intended visit as our team are often out and about, visiting events and playing with driverless tech.