This page is aimed at companies posting content on the site.  If you are an job or course applicant or event attendee, please contact the original poster of the job, event or course with your query!

Event organisers

My event is listed but I don't have access
We have pre-populated the events database with some events.  If you want to change a listing, create a new event and Contact us with the correct event and the old event and we’ll remove the old one.
Why can't I use your event submission form?
We are aware that some devices don’t load the event submission page correctly, but we can accept iCal/.ics files, or web addresses from Meetup.com or Eventbrite.com – just Contact us to send us event information instead.
My event is not live yet, what gives?
Please allow 7 days for events to be made live. If it’s not live after 7 days, please Contact us and make sure you include the URL on your website where you are listing our logo and link (as we may not have been able to find it).
How can I guarantee my event is featured?
Featured events (more prominently listed on the website and included in our newsletter) are generally international scale multi-industry events that we have agreed a co-promotional partnership with, or events we are sponsoring or supporting in some way.  If you think your event should be featured, please get in touch.
I'd like to get my event shown more prominently
If you’d like to guarantee a boost, such as banner ads or written content, please Contact us for pricing options.
How should I track links?
The easiest (non-technical) way to track the volume of traffic from our website to yours is by using a custom link from providers such as Google or Bitly. If you’re a bit more technically minded, and need more detail, then we recommend using Google analytics with campaign tracking UTM codes in the URL you submit. You can make these look pretty using redirection on your website, or if you use a web platform like WordPress or Joomla, use a link shortener so the link still looks pretty!
My event details have been edited and details removed
Listings are occasionally edited for clarity, legal compliance, or to adhere to site rules – for example if you remove your link to our site, or list services such as training. Please Contact us with the URL of the event and we’ll be happy to chat.
How can I get more people to my event?
Promoting an event is easy once you’ve got some experience, but listing it on just one website is not enough.  Eventbrite is a popular event management tool and have a great set of free event marketing and management resources to look through for more ideas, tips, even free templates and project plans.


Can we pay by invoice?
Yes, but you won’t be able to post jobs (other than internships, etc) until after the invoice has been paid.  Payment by Credit Card or PayPal provides immediate access. Contact us if you still want to pay by invoice.
I'd like to get my vacancies shown more prominently
You can subscribe to a plan with more featured listings included, or boost individual job listings as a one off.  If you’d like a larger boost, such as banner ads or written content, please Contact us.
How can I improve the online visibility of my job listing?
Job listings are just like any other information online – in order to be found, it needs to be well structured, well written and have great quality content.  We help you structure the job listing by ensuring the official Google for Jobs search format is used, which also means your jobs are more likely to get the best online visibility, so make sure you fill in all the fields with relevant keywords.  You should also list the job and promote it through your social media channels, and get your colleagues to do the same.
There are required fields that I don't have information for
Fields are required to satisfy the Google for Jobs data format. If you don’t know the exact salary a role should attract, then please do some further research and at the very least, put a salary range and specify ‘Salary dependant on experience‘ in the description.
Why should I use levelfivejobs.com when other job boards are cheaper?
Lots of reasons!  Firstly, we’re a specialist job board working closely with industry. Secondly, we are building the largest database of specialist recruiters and potential recruits for the autonomous vehicle sector anywhere in the world.  Lastly, our integrations with market-leading search and placement portals such as Ziprecruiter and Google for Jobs mean that you’re not just getting exposure on this website – but all over the world!
What is your cancellation policy?
Annual packages can be cancelled without charge within the first two months, which is why we give you two months free on top of the 12 months you pay for! Monthly packages can be cancelled at any time, as they are billed on a monthly cycle.
I think I've been a victim of fraud!
You should always contact your local law enforcement agency and payment or credit card company first. In order to protect our legitimate customers, we’ll only respond to compliant requests for information from our payment processing partners or law enforcement agencies.  When paying online, we always recommend using a company credit card, which is automatically insured.
How can I integrate my company applicant tracking system?
This is usually done with a tracked link from your company’s recruitment system and your vacancy details will need re-posting as a listing and a custom URL as the application method. Alternatively, for Gold subscribers, we can establish an API connection from your system to ours at no extra charge. Please Contact us if you need technical support.
Why don't you allow HTML in job listings?
Job listings are automatically re-posted to Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as various other job boards through syndication.  As many of these don’t allow HTML, it’s easier to go without.
I want to use an email address to receive applications without using your system
This is allowed but we advise against it as your email address is likely to be harvested and spammed. When completing the ‘Post a Job’ form, select External URL as the application method and enter mailto:[email protected] in the URL field.

Course and educational organisers

Why are event listings free but courses are paid-for listings?
Event organisers typically deliver two-way promotional partnerships as part of their marketing strategy, while course organisers do not, so while we don’t get revenue, we often attend events for free and share in promotional activities with our audiences.  If you operate a course and would like to offer our audience a discount, or enter in to a co-promotional agreement, we’d be happy to talk. Contact us for more info.

Other questions

What payment methods do you accept?
We offer PayPal and Stripe, which allows up to process payment from almost any type of card, wallet or account, including Visa, Mastercard, Android Pay, Apple Pay, Giropay, etc. All transactions are processed through 100% secure servers meeting the latest security standards.  For annual subscriptions, you can also pay by invoice.
I get security warnings about the website!
The servers used for the website hosting and payment systems are all secure. If you receive a security alert, it most likely on your device or on an unsecured connection (such as public wi-fi spots). We always advise using a private network or secure connection and device to use the site, as otherwise your data may be at risk of being used without your permission.  If you are still concerned, please contact us with a screen shot and pasted text from the error message you saw, along with contact details of your network administrator – and we’ll be happy to have a look.
I'd like to make a GDPR request
Ooh OK!  We don’t do anything sinister with your data but GDPR is there for your protection and it’s important you can trust us to adhere to the rules! Please contact us, making sure you select the GDPR request option.
Can you film at our event?
Maybe! Contact us with information about your event.  If we are not already planning to attend, then there may be a charge, though we do offer commercial production services (such as providing on-site videos, highlights, interviews, etc). Costs vary enormously, so please Contact us.

Can’t see your question? Contact us!