Autonomous Driving Employment Survey 2018

Download the PDF, or jpg (6MB )

Welcome to our Autonomous Driving Employment Survey 2018.

This survey started by accident when we asked for feedback on our website’s launch, and also threw in some questions about peoples’ salary, experience levels, skills and job titles to help us better understand our target audience.

That made us think it might be quite a useful resource, for employers, recruitment agencies, graduates and professionals, so we’ve stripped that information out and turned it into the infographic here. We think you will agree there are some surprising statistics in there!

Please download the PDF or jpg (6MB), share on social media, print, dissect, and more importantly – provide us with your feedback!  If you’d like to include this on your website, please feel free, and don’t forge to include a link back to Level Five Jobs, the leading recruitment website for ADAS and autonomous driving engineers.

About the research:  The data is based on more than 60 responses to our survey, with at least 50 responses in each question, which is 5x more than the previously available data. We recognise this is not enough, so we are committing to doing it again with more guidance from you as to what you want to see, as well generating more robust insights from a greater volume of source data (i.e. hundreds of responses).

Help us shape the 2019 survey

We would love to hear what you want to see in the survey next year, so we’ve got a short Surveymonkey form to complete (open until the end of 2018), which will help us design and run the survey in 2019 and onwards.